Shane was born on 1st September 1999. When he was 3 years old, he stunned his pre-school teacher’s, by playing a song on keyboard, that the children had just been singing. His parents disagreed as to whether Shane should be bought a piano. He eventually got his piano aged seven, when his Nan took him shopping one day.

The first thing Shane said when he saw the piano, is why did you make me wait so long? Just three weeks later, he started composing classical pieces. After five months, he was chosen to perform to celebrities at the Palace Hotel. Manchester. Shane went on to teach himself how to play to a very impressive standard. He sat grade 8 piano aged ten and skipped grades one to seven.

In 2009, a local news story about Shane, was picked up by the national press and he made International news, being hailed as Britain’s Mozart. He has since gone from strength to strength, peforming for the Duchess of Kent,The Blair’s. and numerous other celebrities. Shane was the youngest person to be signed to a music publisher, aged ten and he won the young composers award aged eleven.

Shane has a number of extraordinary attributes. He can instantly play whatever melody he hears and has the ability to remember an entire song, upon hearing it just once. He has been composing entire scores in his head from the age of seven and plays them flawlessly. Shane also scores music for a whole orchestra to back him and they have done!!! The Yehudi Menuhin music school, stated in writing, that they’ve never met another person like Shane before. Professor Stephen Rhys, from the Royal Academy of music, said that Shane is a complete”one off “and Britain should be very proud of him.

Shane is currently recording an album at Metropolis studios.