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From the moment Shane sat at a piano, his life appeared to change and his family sensed that something magical was in the air. The progress he made was astonishing and after 4 months, he was one of seven children that were chosen to perform for celebrities, at the talented youngster show, in Manchester, with a number of soap stars in attendance.
Shane didn’t have any piano lesons for over 2 years. After five months learning to read music, he sat grade 8 piano and passed with distinction.  In 2010 Shane met with the headmaster of the Yehudi Menuhin Music School. He considered Shane to be “Mozart like” and when the media heard this, Shane was hailed as Britain’s Mozart. He became an international news story,  featured on prime time T.V. shows, performed as Castle Howard, for the Blair’s and the Duchess of Kent.  That same year Shane was signed to E.M.I. music publishing, whilst still only ten years of age. The youngest person in history, to be sgined to any music publisher. However, he didn’t get the backing of a record label, due to them considering him to be too young.
About six months ago, a very kind and generous man, who is convinced that Shane is the The New Mozart, offered to fund the completion of Shane’s album, which has been recorded at the famous Metropolis studios in London, where A list celebrities produce their music. That man is Clive Jackson and he continues to assist Shane in his musical career, at his own expense.
When all the major labels first heard about Shane, he was ever so young, but he is almost years old now and more like a young man. He is currently seeking top Management and a label to market his album, to make it a great success.